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North Downs Ridge circular walk

This page provides information about North Downs Ridge circular walk, one of six circular walks linked with our special Millennium Trails collection of walks.

The North Downs Ridge Circular walk is one of six Circular walks linked with the Millennium Trail.

It doesn't matter where you begin, as you will always come back to the same point.

The walk starts at Reigate Hill car park.

The walk has three routes of between four and seven miles, one of which has no climbs or stiles. This means you can relax and enjoy the walk that suits you best.

Majestic views

Whichever you decide to go you will encounter stunning views at every turn and on a clear day you might see the majestic South Downs.

As you make your way along the North Downs Ridge you will not only be able to enjoy the fantastic countryside but also take a look back in time.

You will pass an 18th century public house, a 17th century cottage and several coal tax posts, introduced in the 19th century as an early form of VAT! Keep going and you will see chalk pits that produced material for local buildings in days of old.

World War Two bomber

You will pass memorials and monuments continually reminding us of the impact that man has made in the area, including a glade that marks the spot where a World War 2 American bomber met it's end and a fort built as part of a defence line in the 1890s.

Finally you will find yourself admiring the work of Capability Brown at Gatton Park. You make your way back to Reigate Hill where you can find a picnic area, café and toilets.

As you come to the end of this fantastic day out, don't forget that this is just one of six walks that are available, free, to you and your family and friends every day of the year!