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East Horley Circular Walk

One of the council's special Millennium Trails walks.

The walk starts at Riverside Garden Park. On leaving the park, we soon find ourselves turning away from the roar of the traffic towards the tranquillity of the countryside.

You can reach the starting point by train from Gatwick Station or if you come by car, there's a car park in Riverside Garden Park.

In Saxon footsteps

The route leads you past an 18th century barn, which is still in use today. It will take you on to Lake Lane, owing its origins to our Saxon ancestors.

Stout red brick pillboxes from the Second World War still stand in surrounding fields, defending us against a long gone foe.

You'll retrace the footsteps of Saxon swineherds who, over a thousand years ago, would have driven their livestock along the footpaths and lanes you will be walking. 

For a large part of the walk, Burstow Stream will be your companion and if you are lucky, you may just catch sight of a kingfisher diving after minnows and other quarry.

Thor's Castle

The Saxon connection appears once more as you'll pass the remains of a castle named after Thor, god of thunder and once home to Saxon royalty.

If this sounds like a good day out then why not walk it soon, perhaps with a friend or take the family. 

It's completely free and is open every day of the year.