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8. Easter recycling tips

Our recycling and refuse collections will carry on as usual over the Easter holidays, so please remember to keep putting out your bins and recycle as much of your Easter waste as possible.

Around 80 million chocolate eggs are sold in the UK over the Easter period – which is a lot of work for the Easter bunny and a lot of waste. Here are some tips to help you crack on with your Easter recycling!

Tips for recycling at Easter

  • Chocolate - we don't think there'll be too much chocolate in with your food waste, but yes please to egg shells, and much more.
  • Put your eggstra carboard in your paper and cardboard recycling box
  • If there is a plastic shell, put it in your mixed recycling bin with the other clean plastic pots, tubs and trays
  • Clean aluminium foil can be recycled in your mixed recycling bin – scrunch foil together to form a ball (about the size of a tennis ball) to help with sorting at the reprocessing plant.
  • Beware, not all foil is aluminium - try the scrunch test to check. If on scrunching it springs back, it is laminated foil. Put this in your general rubbish bin