Environmental protection

Environmental Protection

Welcome to the Environmental Protection home page. Below are various links to information about the environmental protection work the Council does in the Borough. The Environmental Protection Team is part of the Council's Environmental Health Service and carries out a number of key pollution related services.

If you would like to inform the Environment Protection Team of any issues regarding pollution you can complete a report a nuisance form at the bottom of this page. The services the team it offers are listed below:

  • Air quality

    This section contains information on making air pollution complaints, our air quality management programme, and air pollution prior approval for chimney heights and industrial pollution regulation. Read more about air quality.


  • Consultation

    The Environmental Protection team is consulted by other parts of the Council on planning applications and entertainment licences.


  • Contaminated land

    We published the Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy for the Borough in November 2002 and revised it in July 2015 and this is currently being implemented. Read more about contaminated land.


  • Light pollution

                 We often receive inquiries about light pollution and loss of light, for example security lights shining through bedroom windows. Read more about light pollution.


  • Noise nuisance complaints

   We investigate a wide range of noise complaints. Examples include burglar alarms, loud music from neighbouring property and noise from pubs, clubs and factories. Read more about noise nuisance and noise complaints.


You can also download a copy of our privacy notice (PDF)