Disabled parking

Car parks

Parking is free for disabled motorists in all Council car parks. The only exceptions to this rule is on Derby Day at The Mound, Tattenham Corner Car Park.

Every Council car park has a number of spaces reserved for vehicles displaying the disabled badge.

On the street

There are also disabled bays on the streets in town centres.

Vehicles displaying a disabled badge can also park for up to three hours on yellow lines providing they are displaying their disabled badge and have set their clock at the time of arrival. Badge holders must ensure they are not parked causing an obstruction and may not park in a bay for designated users such as an Ambulance bay, Doctors bay, Police bay, Loading bay or Taxi bay. Also badge holders must not park where there is a loading ban, indicated by yellow kerb blips.

Blue badges disabled parking

Surrey County Council (SCC) administer the scheme for Surrey residents. The cost of a blue badge is £10 and it is normally valid for three years. You can Apply for a Blue Badge and get further information (SCC website).

There is a useful short video and further information about:

  • who can apply, how to apply and what you need to apply online
  • how to continue with a saved online application 
  • how to apply on behalf of someone else 
  • walking assessments
  • what to do if your badge is lost or stolen
  • what happens if your application is successful or refused

 You can also apply online at Blue Badge (Gov.uk website).