Refugee support

7. A Syrian Feast

Syrian Feast events

The pop-up Syrian Feast events, cooked by Syrian families resettled into the area, give local residents a flavour of the delicious Syrian cusine.

Two sell-out evenings took place in 2019.

The Syrian Feast recipe book

A recipe book of Syrian cuisine, A Syrian Feast, featured 17 easy-to-follow recipes generously shared from the homes of resettled families in the area.

The recipes are reflective of their heritage and wonderful cuisine and use fresh or easily adapted ingredients like aubergine, lemon, tomatoes, vine leaves, peppers and herbs, and commonly used utensils like cups and mugs for measurement. Recipes include starters, soups, snacks, main meals and desserts.

For more information about the book read our news story - New Syrian recipe book captures best-loved recipes of families resettled in East Surrey

Refugee support

Proceeds from the Syrian Feast events and the book sales will go towards future projects to help increase skills, work experience and job opportunities for the local Syrian community. The support enables the families to adjust to their new lives in the UK, as well as help them integrate successfully into the community and live independent lives.