Housing Delivery Test (HDT) 2021

Letter from Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) following change of adopted housing requirement figure for  purposes of HDT

Based upon the revised information you have supplied; Reigate and Banstead’s Housing Delivery Test measurement has now been re-calculated based on the 2019 review of Reigate and Banstead’s Local Plan. We are therefore able to confirm that Reigate and Banstead’s revised 2021 measurement is as follows:

Number of homes required Total number of homes required Number of homes delivered Total number of homes delivered Housing Delivery Test: 2021 measurement Housing Delivery Test: 2021 consequence
2018 to 2019 2019 to 2020 2020 to 2021   2018 to 2019 2019 to 2020 2020  to 2021      
465 426 310 1201 528 492 792 1811 151% No consequence

The Department publishes the Housing Delivery Test measurement once annually, and therefore does not amend the Housing Delivery Test publication when an area adopts a new housing requirement. However, to provide clarity, you should publish this on your website.

For the avoidance of doubt, this letter supersedes the measurement for your local authority area which was published on 14 January 2022.

The revised Housing Delivery Test measurement for Reigate and Banstead will take effect upon receipt of this letter, as will any consequences that apply as a result of the measurement.

The consequence shown above will remain in place until the next full publication of the Housing Delivery Test measurement.

Planning Policy Team

The original letter from the DLUHC can be provided on request by contacting the Planning Policy Team.


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