Planning History Searches

What information is available

We hold planning history information in a variety of forms reflecting the long history of planning data and our technical ability to store that information.

  • application information from 1982 (Decision Notices only for earlier applications) is available from our website on the planning application search
  • information from the period between 1948 and August 1982 is held as scanned Microfiche records only and are available electronically via email or at the Town Hall.

In line with our Local land charges information we provide planning history information , post April 1974, as part of the Standard Service. All other planning history information requires a History Archive Search.

In the majority of cases, planning history, provided as part of our Standard Service, is suitable for most practical purposes.

Standard planning history search

Our goal is to provide customers with high quality and relevant information at a low cost. To this end, we can produce a report showing planning information, post April 1974, on request.

This report contains:

  • Case Type – whether it is an appeal or development control application
  • Reference No – planning case reference number
  • Date Opened – the date the application was opened for consideration
  • Description and site address – details of the application
  • Closed Date – the date the application was determined and closed
  • Outcome – the outcome of the application

We can provide this report in response to an email. Email  the team at .

Pre-1974 History Archive Search form

For information prior to 1 April 1974 we can carry out a History Archive Search. To do this we request you to complete a History Archive Search form.

We will then process the application and respond in writing within 20 working days.

This search will display information in the same format as our Standard Service.


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