Revision of the Local Validation List – updated requirements

Background to the changes

The Government requires local planning authorities to review their existing application local validation lists on a regular basis.

In the light of this requirement and recent changes to national regulations, The Council has recently reviewed and updated its Local Validation List.

About the Local Validation List

The Local Validation List clearly identifies the information that we will normally require to be able to register, assess and determine your planning applications. The level of information required depends on the size and type of the application as well as the specific site constraints and nature of development.

Not all the items listed under an application heading will apply in every case. Accordingly the Local List also includes guidance which sets out the circumstances in which you will need to submit specific information. This ensures that everyone involved in the planning application process has greater certainty and consistency with their applications. We aim to process new applications as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Summary of changes

The majority of changes that have been made to the Local List and guidance are to bring up to date the relevant areas of planning legislation, policy and guidance upon which the requirements are based. In certain specific instances requirements for information have been deleted.

Core Strategy

In the light of the Council’s formal adoption of its Core Strategy and revised sustainable construction and affordable housing policies it has been necessary to confirm the validation requirements of relevant planning applications. Please see the information note for further guidance on the requirements.

Planning applications can be complicated

When making an application it is very important that you submit all the information necessary for the Council to be able to accept the application as valid and complete, and then proceed to consider and make a decision on your proposals.

Please read the documents carefully before completing the application form and submitting your application.

If in any doubt about what information or document might be required in order to meet the relevant national or local requirement, or if you have a query about the need for information specific to a proposal please contact the Council for advice before submitting your application.

You can access necessary application forms here