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Properties at risk of flooding to habitable rooms

We will provide filled sandbags to protect properties at risk of flooding to habitable rooms free of charge.

A maximum of 10 sandbags can be provided per property.

There is a Priority Order for delivering sandbags at times of flood. The Council’s top priority is to protect against internal flooding of properties

  • already known to have flooded previously
  • registered as being at risk of flooding.

All properties for which sandbags are supplied will be put on the Council's 'At Risk' Register.

Contact us on 01737 276000.

Flooded roads

Surrey County Council also has facilities for supplying sandbags for the protection of the highway.

Contact Surrey County Council on

Please be prepared in advance

If you know your property is in a risk area then it is your responsibility to prepare in precaution of floods. Follow advice to protect your home (Environment Agency website) and check for flood warnings.

Sandbags can be purchased from local builders merchants.