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Noise advice for builders

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  1. 1. Noise advice for builders
  2. 2. Noise
  3. 3. Smoke
  4. 4. Dust
  5. 5. Health and Safety at work
  6. 6. Obstruction and damage to pavements
  7. 7. Public relations
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8. Summary

As the developer or contractor you are obviously concerned with the smooth running of the project. A public relations with your neighbours, prior to starting work and during the work, can prevent problems arising and reduce complaints.

Awareness of your responsibilities and the restraints that the Council can apply if problems occur, should assist you in proceeding with your project and help to ensure its smooth running.

If you require any further information or have a particular problem regarding any of the above topics, please contact:

Environmental Health Services
Town Hall
Castlefield Road

Tel: 01737 276000