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Noise advice for builders

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  1. 1. Noise advice for builders
  2. 2. Noise
  3. 3. Smoke
  4. 4. Dust
  5. 5. Health and Safety at work
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6. Obstruction and damage to pavements

Please ensure that pavements are not blocked or obstructed, even for a short time, by plant, materials, hoardings, vehicles or deliveries.

In particular, the special needs of disabled people, e.g. the blind, who might encounter unexpected obstacles, holes, trenches and suchlike should be given special attention.

Special precautions should be taken to avoid any damage being caused to pavements, kerbs or verges when lorries visit the site or when heavy plant is gaining access to the site.

Please note that if any damage is caused, the cost of any repairs carried out by the Council, may be charged to you.