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All A to Z articles starting with N are shown below:

This A-Z is a directory of information on this website. Other services may be provided by Surrey County Council.

  • Natural burial area at Redstone Cemetery

    We are pleased to announce that there is now a natural burial area at Redstone Cemetery.

  • Nature conservation

    This section provides information on nature conservation.

  • Neighbourhood Planning

    This page provides information about neighbourhood planning

  • Neighbourhood Planning in Tadworth

    The consultation period for an application from the Tadworth Forum to be granted powers to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan for Tadworth has now closed.

  • Neighbourhoods against terrorism

    While Surrey is a low risk county for terrorist activity, we still need to be alert to tensions and extremist groups in our communities.

  • New affordable housing development

    This page gives information about the new affordable housing schemes that are being developed in the borough over the next few years.

  • New drivers

    This page is about becoming a taxi or private hire driver. You can also download driver and vehicle application forms and guidance.

  • New resident (visitor types)

    If you have just moved here then welcome to Reigate and Banstead. This pages points you to parts of this site which you might find useful as a new resident.

  • New service - recycle more at flats

    Last year we wrote to residents living in flats, explaining we would start to introduce the new recycling and refuse service, once the service had rolled out to houses with individual wheeled refuse bins.

  • News and events in Priory Park

    This page tells you what events are taking place in the park and has the latest edition of the Priory Park Newsletter.

  • Nitrogen Dioxide

    This section is intended to help people looking for information about the pollutant nitrogen dioxide.

  • Noise advice

    This section gives advice about noise nuisance.

  • Noise advice for builders

    This page provides information and guidelines for developers who want to ensure the development proceeds smoothly with the minimum of disruption to the occupants of nearby residential or commercial properties.

  • Noise from banging

    This page provides information and guidance on noise nuisance caused by neighbours.

  • Noise from buskers

    This section provides information and advice on complaining to the Council about the noise from buskers.

  • Noise from car stereos

    This section provides information and advice on making a complaint about noise from car stereos.

  • Noise from DIY

    This section provides links with information and guidance on noise nuisance created by DIY or other construction.

  • Noise from fireworks

    This page provides information about noise from fireworks.

  • Noise from industrial premises

    This page is about the noise from industrial and commercial premises. It also says what constitutes noise nuisance.

  • Noise levels in pubs, clubs and cinemas

    This page provides information about noise levels in pubs and clubs. It also explains and what constitutes noise nuisance.

  • Noise nuisance

    This section provides information and links on what Reigate and Banstead Environmental Health Services can do and the role of other agencies in respect of a range of noise disturbances.

  • Noise Nuisance - Intruder Alarms

    This section provides information about burglar alarms and noise nuisance.

  • Noise nuisance and the law

    This section provides links to information about noise nuisance and the law.

  • Noise record sheets

    This page provides downloadable record sheets on which to note down incidents of noise nuisance.

  • Noisy neighbours

    This section provides advice and information about noise from neighbouring properties.

  • Noisy working environments

    This page provides information and advice about noisy working environments.

  • North Downs Ridge circular walk

    This page provides information about North Downs Ridge circular walk, one of six circular walks linked with our special Millennium Trails collection of walks.

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