Asking a question at a council meeting

Asking a question at Full Council meetings.

Any person who lives or works in the borough may ask a question of Members of the Executive or Chairmen of Committees during ordinary meetings of the Full Council.

Please note that the information below refers only to meetings of the Full Council, which are attended by all councillors and does not refer to meetings of the Executive or to committee meetings.  

The Council has introduced an opportunity for members of the public to speak at planning committee meetings and more details can be found on the following page:

What you can ask about at a Full Council meeting

Your question must be relevant to the general work of the Council or be on a matter that affects the borough. A question will not be allowed if it:

  • is not about a matter for which the Council has responsibility; 
  • does not relate to the borough; 
  • is defamatory, frivolous or offensive; 
  • is substantially the same as a question which has been put at a meeting of the Council in the past six months; 
  • requires the disclosure of confidential or exempt information; or 
    relates to an individual application.     

You may only ask one question at a meeting. It must not exceed two minutes in length.

Advance notice

A question may only be asked if notice has been given by delivering it in writing or by electronic mail to the Chief Executive.

Six working days before 

Questions must be asked no later than midday six working days before the day of the meeting please.

Contact details are given at the bottom of this page.

Each question must give your name and address or workplace, as appropriate, and must name the Member of the Council to whom it is to be put.

What happens at the meeting?

Question time is limited to fifteen minutes early on in the meeting. Questions will be taken in the order of receipt although those on the same subject may be grouped together.

The Mayor will invite you to put your question to the Member named in the notice. You must not deviate from the submitted wording.

If you are unable to be present you may ask a representative to put the question on your behalf.

The Member named will give an oral reply at the meeting. In the absence of the questioner or his/her representative a written reply will be given.

You may also put one supplementary question without notice to the Member who has replied to your original question.

A supplementary question must arise directly out of the original question or the reply.

Any question which cannot be dealt with during public question time, either because of lack of time or because of the non-attendance of the questioner or his/her representative or the Member to whom it was to be put, will be dealt with by a written answer.

Responses to questions

The observations provided in response to questions raised at the Council meeting can be seen on the Full Council page.


If you have any queries on these arrangements please contact the Democratic Services Team Leader on 01737 276114 or email

Please submit written questions to be asked at a council meeting to: