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4. Executive and Full Council approval (for Regulation 19 publication)

On 9 November 2017 the draft Regulation 19 (publication version) Development Management Plan and associated papers were presented to the Council’s Executive and were then approved by Full Council on 14 December. The Council approved them for the purposes of publication and consultation (Regulation 19) and submission to the Secretary of State (Planning Inspectorate).

The council’s press release can be found here.

Further details on the Executive and Full Council can be found here:

The agenda of the Executive meeting can be found here. The Development Management Plan is minute number 40, and the key documents relating to this agenda item, including the DMP itself, the proposals maps, the consultation statement, and the sustainability appraisal can be found on this page.

The evidence base documents and reports which have been used to inform preparation of the draft Regulation 19 Development Management Plan document are on the DMP - November 2017 Executive page.

Useful information from external websites on Local Plans and Regulation 19 can be found through the following links: