Development management - Statement of Purpose

The Statement of Purpose gives equal recognition to the reality of:

  • the growth agenda (e.g. South East Plan house-building targets and regional and local regeneration objectives)
  • the preservation agenda (e.g. local aspirations to protect the character, landscape and heritage of the borough). 

It acknowledges that both pressures must be addressed in what we have to do and what we want to do when planning for current and future generations. 

Sensitive high quality development

Not everyone will like everything they see in the Statement, but everyone should appreciate why it is included. 

Developers must understand that the housing numbers and other growth can only be achieved through sensitive high quality development that respects local context and character and so achieves a 'best fit'. But we all have to accept that population growth and other changes in society will need to be accommodated if a high quality of life is to be achieved for all.

Statement of Purpose

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