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3. Saved and non-saved policies

The Borough Local Plan 2005 will eventually be replaced by a new Local Plan. When the system was introduced, Council's were given the opportunity to apply to the Government to "save" policies until such time as they were replaced by a new Local Plan.

The Council applied to the Secretary of State to retain most of the policies in the Borough Local Plan. In total, 139 policies out of 149 were saved and continue to be used in decision-making on planning applications. A letter from the Government Office for the South East containing a schedule of the saved policies is available to download below along with a list of policies which were not saved.

The first part of the new Local Plan - the Core Strategy - was adopted by the Council in July 2014. As a result of the adoption of the Core Strategy, the following Borough Local Plan 2005 policies are no longer in force:

  • Policy Ho2 - Affordable Housing
  • Policy Ho5 - Residential Caravans and Mobile Homes