Background about the Redhill Town Centre Area Action plan (RTCAAP) which will now be incorporated into the Development Management Plan.

The Redhill Town Centre Area Action Plan (RTCAAP) was originally proposed to form part of the Council's New Local Plan. It was designed to provide specific policies to help deliver regeneration in the town centre and guide the significant amount of development proposed in the area..

Current situation

Since the RTCAAP was originally conceived, excellent progress has been made in bringing forward a number of the key sites within the town centre. As such, the Council has taken the decision to incorporate the main policies and remaining site allocations into the Development Management Plan rather than continuing with a standalone document. Further information about this document is available on the DMP page.

Previous stages of the RTCAAP

Documents relating to previous stages of the Redhill Town Centre Area Action Plan are available to download below. In particular, the latest version (January 2012) was subject to extensive consultation and may be referred to as a material consideration when considering planning applications in the area.

Consultation Draft 2012

Older documents