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4. Other things you might need to consider

Planning permission

You may need planning permission to run a business from home, so take advice from the our Planning department.

Being registered as a food business with the Environmental health department does not constitute planning permission.

Business rates

You may have to pay increased rates if you use part of your property for a business. You should take advice from the Council Tax and Business Rates Department.

Call our Contact Centre on 01737 276000.


Just in case things go wrong, you are strongly advised to take out insurance to cover claims against you. You should consult your insurance broker about this.

Consideration must be given to acquiring commercial premises if it is your intention to expand your business. Lots of establishments have large fully functional kitchens that are not being used daily such as churches, village hall or sports clubs.

If you can't do it safely don't do it at all.


If you require any further information on food safety, contact the food safety team on 01737 276417 or email