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The Licensing Act 2003 requires certain businesses to hold a premise licence. Your business may need a premises licence if you want to:

  • sell or supply alcohol (at any time)
  • provide regulated entertainment after 11pm
  • sell or supply hot food or drink after 11pm  

Businesses needing a premises licence may include:

  • pubs and bars
  • café bars
  • restaurants
  • takeaways (after 11pm)
  • night clubs
  • other clubs
  • theatres

Notification of interest

A person with a property interest in a licensed premises may apply to be notified of any change to the register for the premises to which the notice relates. 

A person with a property interest has either: 

  • a legal interest as freeholder or leaseholder; 
  • a mortgage on the premises; 
  • a right to occupy the premises; 
  • a prescribed interest in the premises;

Notification of interest form

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