Community Infrastructure Levy Local Fund

What is the Local Improvements Fund?

A proportion of the money received though the Community Infrastructure Levy will be made available to spend on smaller local projects in the neighbourhoods where development has been built. This is known as the Reigate & Banstead Local Improvements Fund.

The Local Improvements Fund can be spent in a variety of ways for example improving the nearby community hall, providing new playground equipment at a local green space, upgrading walking and cycling routes to local schools, or enhancing local shopping parades.

In Horley, and in Salfords & Sidlow, where there is an existing Parish or Town Council –– the Local Improvements Fund will be passed to them to spend. In the rest of the Borough, the money will be retained by the Borough Council who will consult with local residents and ward Councillors to identify and select appropriate projects.

The amount of money available through the Local Improvements Fund in each area will vary, depending upon how much new development is being built.

Getting involved

Thank you for taking part in our consultation which closed on 06 February 2017. We will provide an update about the Local Improvements Fund once consultation results have been analysed. Please visit this page again soon.