Information about the environment

The Council's Environmental Protection Team often receives requests for information relating to the local environment.  

This section will explain what information is held and the circumstances under which it can be released. 

If you want to read about information that is freely downloadable see the Freely Available section.

A word of warning

Some types of information we obtain may be based upon opinion rather than fact, dependent on forecasts, of third party origins or deliberately biased by the supplier.

It is not possible for us to validate all the information and the potential weaknesses of the data must be borne in mind by anyone using any data that is supplied.

Please note there is an overriding presumption in favour of release of information about the environment. However, this is constrained by a number of statutory requirements and so the Council is not able to release all of the information it holds. 

The primary piece of legislation controlling the release of information about the environment is the Environmental Information Regulations 2004. 

One of the most frequent requests received by the Council is for information about the condition of land.