Food registration


Please use the below online form to make your registration application to us. This is only for businesses (and mobiles kept overnight) located in the Borough of Reigate & Banstead. You maybe contacted within two months of your opening date or receipt of your application to review your businesses status.  If you are not open within this time of the application will be closed and you will be required to re-register as below. 

Food business establishment - application for registration online form

On the basis of the activities carried out, certain food business establishments are required to be approved rather than registered. If you are unsure whether any aspect of your food operations would require your establishment to be approved, please contact Environmental Health Services for guidance by emailing

The purpose of registration

The purpose of registration is to provide the Local Authority with information about the premises in their area so they can plan their inspections and target their enforcement resources effectively.

Registration is required for most businesses supplying food or drinks to customers or clients and includes cafes, restaurants, hotels, residential homes, office canteens, warehouses stocking any foods/drinks, pubs and clubs even if only selling to members or providing just drinks; it also applies to some childminders. Failure to register where it is required can result in a fine or even court proceedings.

Article 6(2) of Regulation 852/2004 requires food businesses to register their premises with the Local Authority 28 days before opening. Only businesses (and mobiles kept overnight) in the Borough of Reigate & Banstead should register with Reigate & Banstead Borough Council.

Registration is a very simple process, and the registration form should only take a few minutes to complete.

There is no charge to register a premises and registration does not need to be renewed unless there is a change of proprietor or a change in the nature of the business.

The Regulations apply to any food business carrying out any or all of the following operations:

  • preparation
  • processing 
  • manufacture 
  • packaging 
  • storage 
  • transportation and distribution 
  • handling 
  • offering for sale
  • supplying the consumer.

 Some premises may be exempt from registration. This does not mean they are exempt from the provisions of food hygiene legislation.

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