Open space

Open space in Horley - what we promised, our progress to date and our future plans


  • to provide a range of open spaces and facilities to cater for the recreational and leisure needs of local people

What we promised

  • a town park to accommodate outdoor sports pitches and play space on a site at Wilgers Farm
  • a Riverside Green Chain, around the town, that safeguards the riverine environment and provides opportunities for both formal and informal recreation 
  • three new allotment sites
  • a variety of play areas within the new neighbourhoods for children and young people 

Progress to date

  • completed all of the new play spaces in the North East Sector (the Acres)
  • completed the laying out of a new allotment site in the North East Sector which has now been transferred to Horley Town Council
  • completed the initial layout the Riverside Green Chain around the North East Sector (the Acres)

Future delivery

  • complete the layout of the Riverside Green Chain around the  North West Sector (Westvale Park)
  • the provision of a new town park
  • the installation of new play areas in the North West Sector
  • the layout of two new allotment sites in the North West Sector 

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