Schools in Horley - what we promised, our progress to date and our future plans.


  • ensure that there are sufficient school places to meet the increased demand generated from the new development                                                                                       

What we promised

  • a new one form entry primary school within the North East Sector
  • a new one form entry primary school within the North West Sector
  • new nursery facilities
  • additional facilities to meet the demand for extra secondary school places at Oakwood
  • additional post 16 provision

Progress to date

  • completed and opened a new one form entry primary school and nursery in the North East Sector. The new school called Trinity Oaks Church of England Primary opened in September 2014
  • completed the expansion of Langshott to become a primary school which opened in September 2014

Future delivery

  • the construction of a primary school in the North West Sector, which may be either a one or two form, depending on demand
  • the expansion of Oakwood School to provide additional secondary places

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