Community facilities

Community facilities in Horley - what we promised, our progress to date and our future plans.


  • to provide a range of community facilities to help promote a healthy and vibrant community

What we promised

  • a new leisure centre to replace the old Horley Anderson
  • a specialist new youth centre for young people
  • a new library
  • improved day care facilities for the over 55's
  • on site facilities within the two new neighbourhoods, including community halls and local shops and sites for a medical centre, a place of worship and a pub/restaurant 

Progress to date

  • built and opened the new Horley Leisure Centre
  • built and opened the Horley Young Peoples Centre
  • completed and opened new shops in the neighbourhood centre in the North East Sector
  • converted Tanyard Barn to provide a new community hall in the North East Sector (the Acres)
  • secured approval for a new library to be built in Russells Square, in Horley town centre.

Future delivery

  • the provision of new and improved library services
  • the provision of enhanced facilities for those over 55 years at Regents Hall
  • the construction of a community hall in the North West Sector
  • the construction of new shops in the North West Sector
  • the provision of a medical centre, pub/restaurant, employment space and a place of worship in the North West Sector, depending on demand 

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