Housing in Horley

Housing in Horley - what we promised, our progress to date and our future plans.


  • to deliver 2,600 new homes 
  • to provide a range of dwelling types and sizes to meet local needs, including both market and affordable housing 
  • to ensure high quality sustainable new development

What we promised

New neighbourhoods

  • Two new neighbourhoods in the north of the town, including:
  • 710 new homes on land to the north of Langshott, called the North East Sector
  • 1,570 new homes on land off Meath Green Lane, called the North West Sector  
  • 25% of homes to be 'affordable' 
  • on-site facilities and services for both new and existing residents 

Small sites

  • a further 380 homes on smaller sites around the town 

Progress to date

The North East Sector (The Acres) 

  • the North East Sector (known as the Acres) is the first new neighbourhood to come forward

  • the neighbourhood has been built by Barratt David Wilson and Bovis

  • All 718 new homes have been constructed and are now fully occupied

  • a variety of facilities are being delivered as part of the neighbourhood, as the build progresses, including:
    • a neighbourhood centre with shops and a new community hall
    • a primary school
    • open space and play areas
    • a link road
    • cycle and pedestrian routes

The North West Sector (Westvale Park)

  • the North West Sector (known as Westvale Park) is the second of the planned new neighbourhoods

  • outline planning permission for the North West Sector was granted in December 2014 following the completion of a section 106 legal agreement
  • the section 106 agreement secures over £40m of infrastructure and service improvements for Horley
  • the North West Sector is being built by four main development partners: Crest Nicholson, A2Dominion, Taylor Wimpey and Persimmon
  • works commenced in 2015 and the neighbourhood will take about 10 years to build
  • when complete the North West Sector will include:
    • 1,570 market and affordable homes
    • a primary school
    • a community hall
    • local shops
    • sites for a place of worship, medical centre, pub/restaurant and employment space
    • new open space and play facilities

 Smaller sites

  • a number of smaller sites around the town have been developed. Examples of some of the schemes include: Coopers Lodge on Massetts Road, 6-18 Station Road and The Grange on Bonehurst Road

See also

  • The planning portal for information on the North East Sector (ref: 04/01778), the North West Sector (ref: 04/02120) and smaller sites.   

  • help to buy for information on getting on the property ladder.

  • Anvil Court project focus provides information on a new specialist housing scheme for older people in the North East Sector.
  • Information from the Consortium on the north west sector, Horley, can be found here.
  • Information on properties for sale in the North West Sector, known as West Vale, can be found at Crest Nicholson, Taylor Wimpey, and Charles Church.