Your Role in Risk management

The Council recognises that all staff have a responsibility to manage risks effectively in order to reduce uncertainty in achieving goals and objectives and to benefit from opportunities.

As a Council, we need to ensure risk management has been integrated successfully, has the necessary support, is addressed in an appropriate way and is successful. All staff need to accept the culture and the change that goes with risk management for it to embed into the Council. 

We all have a role to play in risk management and these roles and responsibilities are set out in the Council’s Risk Management Strategy (downloadable below).

The role of managers

Managers are responsible for the identification, assessment, management and control of all risks arising out of the activities, assets and resources of within their work areas. They should review all Risk Assessments and Registers at least monthly. At a strategic level managers are responsible for ensuring that the Council manages risk effectively through the development and implementation of an all-encompassing corporate risk framework. Key managers are also responsible for compiling and maintaining the Strategic Risk Register by reviewing the Council’s Strategic Risk Register on a regular basis and set priorities for dealing with unacceptable risk and reducing risks. 
More details on roles and responsibilities can be found in the Risk Management Strategy.

The role of all Council employees

  • be responsible for managing risk effectively within their own work and area of authority.
  • be responsible for ensuring that they fully understand their roles and responsibilities in respect of risk management; and that this responsibility is reflected within their Performance Agreements.  


If you need further information or assistance contact Doula Pont on 6359.


Risk Management Strategy (514.2K)