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The scheme that lets applicants on our Housing Register choose their new homes

Reigate & Banstead HomeChoice

You must be on the Housing Register to be able to use HomeChoice and bid on properties. The list below clarifies which applicants are able to bid:

  • Band A - One suitable direct offer, bidding not allowed
  • Band B - Bidding allowed
  • Band C - Bidding allowed
  • Band D - Bidding allowed (except transfer tenants moving from outside of the borough; they will receive one suitable direct offer)
  • Band H - One suitable direct offer

Please remember

Please remember not to call the Housing Register team requesting your position on the Housing Register. We are unable to provide you this information as there are no set positions.

Each property produces its own specific shortlist of applicants, which is then carefully scrutinised to ensure the property will match the individual needs of the nominated applicant.