Street naming and numbering for developers

Thank you for building a new development in the borough. Now we can work together to name and number the streets and properties.

As soon as your development has received planning permission and before you commence work on site, you should begin this process. More often your buyers will be purchasing their new home ‘off plan’. If the property is not addressed early in the process, HM Land Registry, the emergency services and utility companies will not be aware of its existence, which will cause inconvenience and delays.

Before you start building

You must supply the Address and Gazetteer Officer at the Town Hall with the following information:

Development naming and numbering request online form

  1. A written request by filling in an online form (above).
  2. If necessary, a request to name a new street along with the suggested name you would like to be considered
  3. A site layout plan which indicates the new properties entrances and location plan
  4. Written confirmation of the final layout of the plots and their plot numbers
  5. Detailed floor plans for any flats, showing their entrances
  6. An approximate date of works commencement and approximate completion date.

14 day consultation

If you are developing a large site that will have a new road, you suggest the street name first of all. We will give preference to names which have a reference to the history and heritage of the surrounding area. Think how richer we are for our Colcokes Road, Wiggie Lane, Quality Street, Hyperion Walk, Love Lane, Slipshoe Street, Upper Dunnymans and Philanthropic Road.

Because street names matter so much to the character of an area we will then consult with the Ward Councillors for 14 days. We will consult with the Royal Mail to check for duplication for you. If there are objections we will explain them to you. Hopefully you will understand and come back with something even more engaging.

When a name is agreed upon you will be informed in writing so that appropriate signs can be organised. You will also get in writing a list of plot numbers and their corresponding property numbers.

Naming protocols

To ensure that addresses and road names are the same across the borough and country, We use the British Addressing Standard BS7666 (2006).

The following suffixes are acceptable for any type of new street within the borough. All new street names will end with a terminal word such as:

  • Road
  • Street
  • Avenue
  • Drive
  • Lane
  • Gardens
  • Way.

The following names are to be used only as indicated:

  • Crescent - for a crescent shaped road only
  • Close - for a cul-de-sac only
  • Square - for a square only
  • Hill - for a hill only
  • Terrace - for a terrace of houses but not a subsidiary name within another road
  • Mews - officially a term for converted stables in a courtyard or lane but would be considered acceptable for most small terraced developments.

All new pedestrian ways will be named as follows:

  • Walk
  • Path
  • Way.


Along with your written street name request, a detailed site plan will allow us to number the properties.

If you are building in an existing street, the properties will be addressed into the existing numbering system. Where there is no suitable gap in the existing numbering, letters (e.g. A,B,C) will be attached to the numbers.

All numbers, including the number 13, will be used in the proper sequence. Applications to omit any number from a numbering sequence for whatever reason will be refused.

In streets where no numbering exists, it is the developers’ responsibility to provide suitable property names.

Street nameplates

All enquiries about street nameplates should be made to Neighbourhood Services at Earlswood Depot. They can be contacted through the Contact Centre on 01737 276000.