Adding or changing a property name

We are responsible for street naming and numbering.

We will inform all the relevant authorities such as the Emergency Services, HM Land Registry, Royal Mail and utility companies of all address changes. Once an address has been created Royal Mail will add the postcode.

Re-naming your property

There is no charge for this service. You can rename your home something personal to you such as your favourite holiday location or your team’s ground by completing the form below.

Property naming and numbering online request form

Avoid offensive, misleading names or duplicates (we will check these for you) and note that requests can take around a month for us to process.

Once the name has been agreed we will write to you to confirm that you can start using it as part of your address.

You must ensure that both the name and number are clearly displayed and visible from the road. A name is not an alternative to a number, the number is the primary identifier.

Mail and road maintenance

If you are having problems with either your postcode or mail please check with Royal Mail as they are responsible for mail delivery and postcodes.

Surrey County Council is the local Highways Authority and are able to provide information about road maintenance and whether your road is a public or private highway.