Adopted Development Plan

Planning law sets out that we must determine applications in accordance with the Development Plan unless material considerations indicate otherwise.

For Reigate & Banstead, the Development Plan consists of the following documents:

  • Core Strategy (adopted 2014)
  • Borough Local Plan - saved policies and proposals map (adopted 2005)

In addition, the following documents, which are prepared by Surrey County Council, also form part of the Development Plan:

For more information or to access these documents, please visit Minerals and waste policies and plans (Surrey County Council website).

Emerging policy

Planning policy is constantly evolving: we need to ensure that our policies provide support for the developments which our communities need and that they are strong enough to protect what makes the Borough distinctive and resist unnecessary or unsustainable development.

We must also keep policies up-to-date and make sure they are consistent with the Government's national guidance (the National Planning Policy Framework).

Local Development Scheme

An overview of documents we are currently preparing, including a timetable for key stages of consultation and examination, is set out in our Local Development Scheme. The latest version is available to download below.

Previous versions are also available below:

More information about each of the documents which we are currently preparing is available below and on the individual project pages.

Development Management Plan (DMP)

This will set out the detailed policies against which individual applications will be determined and will also allocate sites to meet the borough's development needs. Once adopted, it will replace the remaining saved policies of the Borough Local Plan.

For more information, please visit the DMP page.

Supplementary Planning Documents and Supplementary Guidance

In some cases, we prepare more detailed documents to provide guidance on a specific topic to developers and those submitting planning applications. The guidance in these documents will be taken into account when we make decisions on individual planning applications.

Our current supplementary documents can be found on the Supplementary Planning Documents page.

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

The Council is also preparing to introduce a Community Infrastructure Levy. This is a new charge which local authorities can levy on new development in order to raise funds to help pay for the infrastructure, facilities and services needed to support growth such as road improvements, schools and community facilities.

For more information, please visit the CIL page.

Local Plan Newsletters

You can access our Local Plan Newsletters below.

Most recent Newsletter: September 2017

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