Reigate and Banstead

What is the Development Management Plan?

The Council has responsibility for preparing a Local Plan. The Local Plan provides information about when and where development to deliver the new homes, jobs, services, facilities and infrastructure we need will take place in the borough and includes policies against which proposals for new development are assessed.

Part 1 of the Local Plan (the Core Strategy) was adopted by the Council in 2014. This sets out the overall scale and location of growth that will take place in the borough between 2012 and 2027. 

The Development Management Plan will be Part 2 of the Local Plan and once finalised, will set out in more detail how the Core Strategy will be delivered. It will contain:

  • Policies to guide decision making on planning applications
  • Policy designations
  • Development site allocations

As part of the first stage in the preparation of the Development Management Plan from the 1st August 2016 to the 10th October 2016 the Council asked the public for their views on the proposed objectives, policy approaches and potential site designations set out in this first stage (Regulation 18) document.  This document was based on background evidence and sets out the key issues that are likely to face the borough over the 15 years, and the different options considered for addressing them. The document is available below for reference, along with other information around the preparation of the document and the consultation process:

What happens next?

This consultation is one stage in a longer process. The Council will use the comments received as part of the Regulation 18 consultation to help us prepare the draft Development Management Plan. A second consultation is programmed for early 2018 when further comments can be made on the draft Plan developed from this consultation. The Plan will then be examined by an independent planning inspector before it can be formally adopted by the Council.  For further information on timescales, see the Local Development Scheme (PDF).

If you would like to register to be notified about any further stages in the plan preparation, please complete our Planning Policy mailing list online form.