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2. New service - recycle more at flats

In 2012 we wrote to residents living in flats explaining we would start to introduce the new recycling and refuse service, once the service had rolled out to houses with individual wheeled refuse bins.

This roll out to the borough’s 12,000 flats, started in September 2013 and will see a gradual introduction over the next couple of years. This is to make sure we find the right solution for each communal bin area.

If you live in a flat there is no need to contact us as we will write to you when we have found the right solution for your bin area and are about to introduce the new service to you.

Flats collected on a Monday will be the first to start to join the new collection service. Once we have completed Monday, we will start to review properties in the next collection day, Tuesday. 

What the new service will look like?

You will stay on your current collection service until we write to you and tell you when you can join the new service.

The new service will include:

Picture of bin Bin type
Blue lid bin


Paper and cardboard bin


 Black bin
Mixed recycling bin


Mixed recycling
large green bin with refuse written on it
General waste bin


Non-recyclable refuse
 Green and grey food caddyCaddy, bin Food waste will be introduced in those properties that are suitable

Properties joining the new service

Properties that will be joining the new service over the next couple of years include homes using communal bin areas, converted houses, flats above shops and homes using council black sacks for refuse. The service will be introduced where there is suitable space for and access to the bins.

Some properties may not be suitable for all of the new service because of issues specific to the bin area e.g. space, access.

Flats which currently have their refuse collected on a Monday are the first to join the new service from September 2013. Areas with collections on other days will follow after that.

How the service will be introduced?

We will survey each bin area to find the right recycling solution for the space available and it’s access.

Ahead of introducing the new service we will write to tell you about it including:

  • how to use the new service
  • what will be collected and when
  • when recycling containers will be delivered and
  • when the new service will start.

Once you have your new containers, your new collection service will start shortly after.