Generic Roles Profiles

Role Profiles are a fundamental part of the council’s recruitment process and performance and appraisal system.

Job descriptions have been replaced with Role Profiles which detail the requirements of a role rather than the requirements of a particular job.

Each role profile details the characteristics of a role and the competencies required to perform that role.

Roles are split into five job families:

  • Managerial
  • Professional
  • Technical specialist
  • Administrative
  • Operative.

Each of these is then divided into pay bands, three in each family. From there individual jobs are placed within each pay band and given an MPL (maximum progression level).

All staff undertaking a job within a particular role, regardless of the actual job itself, are in the same pay band and will have the same characteristics and competency requirements.

Local knowledge

To expand on this further, the only difference between one job and another in the same role profile is the local knowledge of a particular job. This local knowledge could be about benefits or planning or personnel but the competencies to perform the job to the required level are the same.

The local knowledge and key initial tasks that a post holder can be expected to work towards are detailed in the Person Specification and Job Summary documents, which form part of the recruitment pack compiled when a post is advertised.

Download the Role Profiles

You can download below the Role Profile that relates to the vacancy that you are interested in (see the top of the Person Specification in the Application Pack to confirm which Role Profile relates to the position you are applying for):