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This page is about how we give young people a foot on the employment ladder.


Our Young Workers Scheme provides local young people with skills to help them gain future employment. Young people on the scheme are guaranteed at least 25 hours work for 26 weeks, are paid the national minimum wage and expected to do real work providing services for residents of Reigate and Banstead.

To be eligible, young people must:

  • Be 18-24 years old
  • Live in the borough
  • Have been unemployed for more than six months.

The young workers are provided with a range of support, advice, learning & development, and job search skills depending upon individual needs.

Skills, training and employment

We have demonstrated that this scheme has:

  • changed the lives of the young people for the better through these work opportunities

  • increased their confidence by introducing them to the work culture

  • identified future talent and successfully led to many young workers gaining employment or education after leaving the scheme.

Where are they now?

We employ around 450 people and in the first three years of the scheme over 150 young people have joined the scheme. They have gone on to a variety of different organisations, including other local authorities, university, NHS and the private sector.

Opportunities for businesses

We are encouraging other local employers to start up their own similar schemes, and we are delighted to announce that a local partnership led by Raven Housing Trust have recently launched their own scheme called the East Surrey Pathway to Employment.

There are real benefits to local employers in setting up such a scheme, and it is also relatively low in cost, as the placements do not include the benefits and costs of permanent recruitment. We estimate each young worker will cost around £4000 plus a little extra from training and support. You might be entitled to funding as well.

Visit the Employers - Apprenticeships website for more details. Get in touch if you’re considering setting up your own Young Workers Scheme or would like to know more.


Our HR Team are happy to speak with anyone interested in setting up their own scheme.

Please email