Core funding

The 2018/19 core funding programme is now open to applications.

A public commitment

Core funding is a public commitment from the Council to provide an agreed level of grant support over a fixed period.

We allocate Core funding to a small number of organisations. As well as supporting established partners we will also consider new applications that respond to emerging needs, growth and sustainability in the voluntary sector.

In exchange for this funding, recipients will be asked to make new commitments to the council.


The council established a core funding programme in order to help selected voluntary sector partners plan for the future with greater financial certainty.

Where core funding is granted, the Council is making a public funding commitment for the specified term. However, applicants must understand two key limitations of this commitment:

  1. Core funding grants are linked to agreed measurable targets and outcomes. In the event that these are not delivered, the Council reserves the right to reduce or cancel future years' allocations. Should such a situation arise the organisation(s) concerned will be consulted, and given the opportunity to present their case.
  2. Notwithstanding the above, there is a legal limitation on the power of the Council to "fetter its discretion" in the future. In practice this means that the Council retains the legal right to alter future allocations as it sees fit.

Application forms

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