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4. Team around the family (TAF)

The Team Around the Family approach is becoming part of normal practice across surrey  and is something any professional can initiate themselves through Early Help without making a referral. Further information is available here:

A team around the family (TAF) is made up of agencies and professionals who can provide advice or support to a family and each other. This model sees members working together, in a holistic way, using a whole family approach and building on family strengths. As such, the membership of each team often changes and evolves, to reflect the needs of the family.

 The TAF meet every 6 weeks with the family, to discuss current levels of support, identify challenges and celebrate successes. Within the TAF who chairs the meetings and leads the TAF should change in accordance with which agency best meets the families primary needs. It’s expected that other professionals then take turns writing up the family action plan.

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