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7. Landscape, Townscape and Natural Environment Evidence

Green Infrastructure Strategy and Action Plan

The Green Infrastructure Strategy and Action Plan (August 2017) sets out the borough's key priorities for protecting and enhancing green spaces and the actions that will be taken over the coming years to achieve them.

Surrey Landscape Character Assessment

The Surrey Landscape Character Assessment (April 2015) is a comprehensive assessment of the landscape character of the county and describes variations in the landscape character at a county level. 

Surrey Hills Area of Great Landscape Value (AGLV) Review

In 2007, the Surrey districts and boroughs commissioned a review of the status and qualities of the Area of Great Landscape Value as a local landscape designation.

Landscape and Townscape Character Assessment

The purpose of the landscape and townscape character study (Phase 1) was to provide an assessment of character and function of different areas of the borough - both urban and countryside and assess the relative accessibility of different locations to facilities and infrastructure. From this, Phase 2 of the study provides a basis for considering appropriate locations for growth.

Design and Parking Review

This study considered in detail the issues of density and parking provision for new development in the borough and the need for standards to guide proposals.

PPG17 Open Space, Sport and Recreation Assessment

The PPG17 report is intended to provide an overview of the current provision of open space, recreation and sport facilities in the borough - both public and private - and determine current and likely future deficiencies taking account of proposed development. The study also develops standards for the amount, quality and accessibility of open space and sport/recreation facilities which can be used to inform planning policy and the Green Infrastructure Strategy.