Evidence and research for planning policies

5. Infrastructure and transport evidence

Infrastructure and transport evidence is used to inform the Council's planning policies. PDFs listed on this page are all on the Infrastructure and transport evidence downloads page.

Infrastructure Delivery Plan

The Council prepared an Infrastructure Delivery Plan to support the Core Strategy. This document provides an overview of current provision infrastructure in the borough and an assessment of the infrastructure which is likely to be needed to support the levels of development planned over the next 15 years.

An Addendum to the 2012 Infrastructure Delivery Plan has been produced in consultation with local infrastructure providers. This Addendum includes updated schedules in order to provide the most up to date position (as of early 2015) for the various projects presented and to capture any new projects or needs which have arisen.

Core Strategy Transport Assessment

To support the Core Strategy, the Council worked with Surrey County Council to develop a strategic transprot assessment. This study considered the level of growth planned over the next 15 years and assesses the potential impact of these developments on the road network in the borough.

The study was first prepared in 2012 and was subsequently updated in 2013 to model the potential impact of Urban Extensions.

Surrey Infrastructure Capacity Project

The Council took part in the Surrey Infrastructure Capacity Project which began in 2008. The aim of the project was to help prepare the county to meet future infrastructure needs by developing a blueprint for provision against which all partners, including those outside local government, could deliver.

The project was completed in 2012. Project documents are available through Surreyi.

Surrey Transport Plan

The third Surrey Local Transport Plan was produced in April 2011. It includes a number of strategies setting out the interventions and tools that the County Council will use to tackle key transport problems and address transport objectives and targets. The strategies cover issues such as air quality, congestion, parking and travel planning.

Redhill Parking Study

In 2011, the Council commissioned consultants to assess the demand for, and availability of, parking in Redhill town centre, both now and in light of proposed developments.