Evidence and research for planning policies

4. Retail, leisure and town centres evidence

Retail and Leisure Needs Assessment

The Council commissioned consultants to carry out a borough-wide Retail and Leisure Needs Assessment in 2011. The purpose of the study was to:

  • provide an overview of current retail and leisure provision in the borough and assess the health of the borough's town centres
  • establish whether there is a need for additional retail and leisure floorspace to 2027 and, if so, the amount, type and size of units needed
  • provide advice on the future role and regeneration of the borough's town centres to inform policies

The study is available to download below. Previous versions of the Retail and Leisure Needs Study are available on request by emailing LDF@reigate-banstead.gov.uk.

Hotel and Guest Accommodation Study

A borough-wide study of hotel and guest accommodation provision was completed in December 2011. The document considers the existing supply of guest rooms in the borough and the potential need for additional rooms in the future. The study also considers the most appropriate locations for any future development.