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6. Householder Extensions and Alterations

The Householder Extensions and Alterations SPG was adopted on 11th March 2004. 

The SPG is specifically designed to provide advice to householders wishing to extend or alter their property. In particular it seeks to:

  • address common questions and types of extensions 
  • explain the factors that the Council will take into consideration when determining a householder planning application 
  • help achieve the highest design standards, even when planning permission is not required
  • assist neighbours to understand the potential impacts of proposals.  

Key points which should be borne in mind when considering altering your property are:

  • always consider the effect of your proposal on your neighbours and the local environment - this will be a primary consideration when we determine your application.
  • well-designed alterations can improve the desirability of your property, reduce the impact on your neighbours and improve the quality of the environment. Poor designs can have the opposite effect.


In addition to the full document, the following extracts have been published as leaflets to assist those considering specific projects:

Other useful information

Householders considering alterations or extensions to their properties may also wish to be mindful of the permitted development rights which exist for householders. More information on these can be found in the Government's permitted development for householders guide which is available on the Planning Portal website.

The Planning Portal also contains a variety of useful mini guides and case studies for common householder projects.