Christmas collections 2018

Changes to recycling and refuse collections over Christmas 2018 and the new year

You can check your normal collection dates on the Check your bin collections dates page.

Usual Collection Day Revised Collection Day  
Monday 24 Dec Saturday 22 Dec TWO DAYS EARLIER
Tuesday 25 Dec Monday 24 Dec ONE DAY EARLIER
Wednesday 26 Dec Thursday 27 Dec One day late
Thursday 27 Dec Friday 28 Dec One day late
Friday 28 Dec Saturday 29 Dec One day late
Monday 31 Dec Monday 31 Dec Normal
Tuesday 1 Jan Wednesday 2 Jan One day late
Wednesday 2 Jan Thursday 3 Jan One day late
Thursday 3 Jan Friday 4 Jan One day late
Friday 4 Jan Saturday 5 Jan One day late

If you are a garden waste member, we will collect and recycle real Christmas trees during January.

Our garden waste service is suspended from Saturday 22 December 2018 to Saturday 5 January 2019. Collections will start again from Monday 7 January 2019.