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Your transport pollution

This page provides information and advice about transport pollution created by an individual and how to measure it.

You might think as one of millions of motorists who take to the road every day that your contribution to polluting the atmosphere is insignificant.

Using a 'pollution calculator', you can find out exactly how much pollution is down to you as an individual.
Much of the pollution in the South East and London results from road traffic.

Reduce your pollution

  • use the car less - use public transport, or walk or cycle whenever possible. It will help your fitness in addition to reducing pollution levels
  • if you have a car keep the engine properly tuned and serviced
  • share lifts to work or while shopping use local park and ride schemes 
  • park considerately to avoid road congestion. 

If you see a smoky vehicle on the road

The Local Authority does not have any power to act, but the Department for Transport does: 

Last updated : 05/10/2010

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