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All A to Z articles starting with D are shown below:

This A-Z is a directory of information on this website. Other services may be provided by Surrey County Council.

  • D L Cleaners

  • Dangerous structures

    This page tells you how to report dangerous structures.

  • Data protection

    This page is about the Data Protection Act 1998 and how it applies to accessing personal records.

  • Decision making

    This section is intended to help people looking for information about the decision-making process.

  • Declaration of interest

    This page explains how all members of the Council are required by law to complete a declaration of interests to register their financial interests.

  • Deductions from wages and benefits

    This page tells you about the how the Council can take deductions from your wages or benefits after you have been issued with a court summons.

  • Demolitions

    This page gives information about demolishing buildings.

  • Deputy Mayor 2014-2015

    This page is about the Deputy Mayor, Councillor John Stephenson.

  • Design and Access Statements

    This page provides information about Design and Access Statements with links to further advice. Requirements for the submission of such statements have recently changed.

  • Development management

    This section explains the phrase development management. We now use this phrase to describe the way we implement planning policies to guide and facilitate development in the borough through the decisions we take on planning applications.

  • Development management - Statement of Purpose

    This page is about the Statement of Purpose which describes the balance between the growth and preservation agendas.

  • Development Management Plan

    This page provides information about the emerging Development Management Plan

  • Direct Dry Cleaning

  • Directory of play areas, parks and countryside

    This section provides a directory of local parks and countryside in the Borough, including details about facilities at each.

  • Directory of playgrounds

    This page provides information about the children''s playgrounds in the borough.

  • Disabled facilities

    This page provides information and advice on grants for disabled facilities. There may be certain criteria that needs to be met before the Council approves the grant.

  • Disabled parking

    This section provides information on disabled parking arrangements in the Borough of Reigate and Banstead.

  • Disabled person (visitor type)

    This page points to pages that might be of specific interest to disabled people.

  • Disabled toilets in town centres

    This page provides information and advice about disabled toilets in the borough.

  • Discounts

    This page helps you find out about discounts on council tax.

  • Discretionary Housing Payment

    This section provides information and help on Discretionary Housing Payments.

  • Dog control orders

    This page is about the dog control orders that we have introduced across the borough to replace and update existing byelaws.

  • Dogs

    This page is about our dogs services and the role of the council''s dog warden.

  • Domestic abuse

    This section provides information about domestic abuse and help available.

  • Donyngs Leisure Centre

    This page is about the wide range of recreational facilities and activities available at Donyngs.

  • Doorstep Sport Clubs

    This page is about sports opportunities for Young People in Merstham, Preston and Redhill Central.

  • Drainage and ditches

    This section is intended to help people who have problems with their drains.

  • Drains

    This page is about blocked and defective drains and sewers and who has the responsibility to sort out the problem in the borough.

  • Drews Dry Cleaning Services Ltd

  • Drinking water

    This page is about how we monitor drinking water supplies.

  • Drivers private hire conditions

    This page is about the strict conditions which drivers of private hire vehicles must follow in accordance with their licence.

  • Dwellings exempt from council tax charges

    This page is about the types of properties which are exempt from council tax charges.

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